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Spraying Renault badges??

  Clio 1.2
I have a Mk2 Clio. Thinking of spraying my diamond Renault badges black or grey. Im just not to sure of how to go about it. Do I just apply primer leave to dry then spray colour? And also how are the front and back badges removed? Thanks...
you need to sand them down/key them properly, then apply a plastic primer (don't use halfords, its crap) then a normal primer, wet sand, then paint and lacquer
  Astra (H) VXR
I've recently done mine... Give them a sand to rough the surface up... Ten plastic primer leave to dry, paint, few coats, then Lacquer.. Leave to dry over for a good few hours before fitting....

I used halfords primer and paint and found it very good... But I guess it's personal preference.
  Astra (H) VXR
^^^ pretty good deal, paint, primer and lacquer will cost around £20 to do it yourself and this way your guaranteed a professional finish.