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Spring rates - Fast road and track days

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
I'm looking to upgrade my Koni + Cooksport combo. Its a brilliant all round setup so I'm a very wary of replacing them and then not like the ride on the road.

I could do with some height adjustment now as I've taken a lot of weight out of the front of the car so it sits quite high.

If I was to look at springs rates what would be suitable? Gaz and Spax have for example 330-340 front and 230-260 on the rear.

If anyone has this setup on a stripped out or semi stripped car, how does this feel on the road? And what's it like on track? Would different springs rates be better?
Chip-mk1 Chip I know you have Gaz on the Ph1, how do they feel compared to the Cooksports on the RB?
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
To me they felt quite comparable (although not on AST on the Ph1 and KW on the 182) but I never tried them on the same car for a real comparison as there are other differences between the two cars.
  Clio 172 phase 1
As an opinion I have the spax Rsx kit and rate it great I've had no problems I've got the inbound spring on the rear because I was too tight to buy the others ... It gives me the height I want I like it reasonably low. And I have the stiffness set to 15 front and 17 rear and it's bumpy on the road but not harsh... As for spring stiffness I do get some body roll but in all honesty I can feel it's all in the tyre wall ... There a good kit for all round use couldn't be happier with them for the £550 I payed