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spring vs coils


ClioSport Club Member
  ITB's RB & F56 jCW

iv recently just brought a 197.
but i'm desperatly wanting to lower it! now iv had some quotes for coiles, sky high prices.. expected tbh ..

now iv heard some companys do springs for the 197.

any thoughts on this, worth saving for coiles, or springs gunna be fine, its hardly tracked too.

im looking 40-50mm drop.


  53 Renault clio 1.2 16V
Dont know if they make em for the 197 but if you can eibach sportlines if you want just springs mate.

Will shorten the life of standard shocks though as to be expected.
  ibiza cupra
depends what you want mate. if yoy are after a stiffer ride but still want it to be relitivley comfortable, id go for the springs but if you are after a rock solid ride that will handle brilliantly and you are going to use it on track days and things like that then go for the coilies.