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sqeeky belt

Hi got a 1.4 engine.. imagine you just opened bonnet, the big belt looking right at you i think its the tming belt? not too sure anyway sqeeks a bit spray with wd40 and its ok for a day then starts again.. think it needs replacing?
  1.6Si + 182
thats the fanbelt you can see it will be slipping on the tensioner or an idler pulley,best thing would be to change asap with full kit- belt tensioner and any idler pulleys,
unsure what the belt position is on the 1.4 but u gotta watch sometime when fan belt goes it will take out your cambelt and ENGINE :(
have a search ''fan belt problems'' and you will find as much info and posts as you want lol
It's the auxiliary belt, runs the power steering, alternator, and A/C if fitted. Your right, it's slipping or a noisy idler bearing, change the complete kit and you will be alright again, You should be ok to diy it if you are handy with basic car maintainance.