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Squeaking 172 passenger seat

Does anyone have this annoying problem?

Basically my Mk1 172 has got a squeek somewhere in the frame of the front passenger seat that gets progressively noisier through a journey! Its definately mettalic and I have tried lubing up the runners a bit but it doesnt seem to be that.

It tends to do it at every bump in the road?

Any Ideas?

Yeh, mines doing it at the moment - had it looked at before and fixed. Being looked at next week - so will let you know.

Yes, all renaults have the same problem. I had a (phase 2) megane coupe and the passenger seat never stop to rattle.... annoying. My new MKII 172, has also the same problem but the noise is not as loud as it was in megane, but exists! Only if someone seats, the noise stops. Anyway, I can live with it, not a problem to me.

my rattle has moved round the car..

it was on the passenger side.. seat area (just stopped)

then the door pillar....(loose trim)

then in my bloody ear i.e at the seatbelt pivot point.... (luckily went away b4 i went mad)

now i dont have one identifyable rattle....

except from the exhaust..... :)