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Squeeking noise from one of the wheels on my 182

  Astra CDTI SRI
I have a squeeking noise from one of the wheels on my 04 182.

It only happens when the car is travelling less than 40 mph. If the wheels are straight, the noise goes away.

As soon as you turn the wheels a fraction either way, it starts to squeek.

Wheel bearing?

Also, if I go above 30mph on a tight turn, the stop light and the handbrake light comes on on the dashboard. When I stratigen up, they go out. I'm presuming the 2 problems are linked?

Anyone had similar problems?
  Nissan 350Z
Probably worn brake pads. Either that or they might need a clean. Mine did it. Was because they were worn, ultimately.

Edit just seen the comment about the lights on the dash, thats definitely worn pads mate.
  Astra CDTI SRI
Thanks for the reply mate.

The lights on the dash were cominig on when I turned the wheel, not when I was braking.

Was this the same for you?


i am having exactly the same thing is worn break pads thats causing it:D
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
the way in which the pads make contact to tell you they are worn work better when you are turning the wheel - hence the light on the dash :) worn pads
  Astra CDTI SRI
Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

Next question - How much are new ones?

What makes are best? I just do normal road driving, I very rarely thrash the car.
  Nissan 350Z
About £40 for stock pads i think.... or you could do what i did and get green stuff for the same price and get a slight improvement on OEM.