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Star Ratings

To sort some of the confusion over the star ratings, this is how it works:

1 Star - Forum User (not a Cliosport member)

2 Stars - Cliosport member

3 Stars - Cliosport Admin Team

4 Stars - Forum Moderator

5 Stars - Cliosport Chairman!

The star ratings have nothing to do with how many posts you make.

Just thought I would clear that one up. :)

  Silver Fabia vRS

To help other members out, the usual idea of a forum!

We didnt want to use a star rating for the number of posts becuase you get people posting stupid things in order to increase their stars.
  Silver Fabia vRS

We are admin because we help run the club! As in keeping the website up and running, organising meets, answering questions, sorting merchandise, sorting new members and anything else remotly connected with running a club.