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starting problems

Hello, need some help with a starting problem on my 172. The car never starts first time anymore, always taking two or three turns of the key before the engine finally turns over and then it runs badly for the first few minutes. A friend said it could be the starter motor but that sounds ok when turing the key. Help lol

Re: strating problems

TDC sensor is the common issue. Only cheap realy to replace with the new sensor.


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Re: strating problems

where on the engine is the tcd sensor?

Remove the airbox, then look in the space, its on the left, just above the gearbox. See the thread below for pictures. I've had the same thing, I did what this thread suggested, cleaned it up, its had a couple of little 'hiccups' since, but much better overall. You don't need to be too mechanically minded to do it also. ;)