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Steam Cleaning 16V engine

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Has anyone had this done?

My engines looking a tad scruffy (not helped by a power steering pipe pisin fluid everywhere) Just wondered if anyones had there engine steam cleaned? If so did they have any problems.

Im a bit scared to get it done incase it hurts any of the electrics etc.




It shouldnt matter as long as you cover the electrics up with a plastic bag or whatever.

Keep the engine running while your doing it and dont go to close so the pressure is kept to a minimum.

yeah i want mine done too my local garage said it should be ok they would just have to be a bit careful of the electrics i think i can trust them???...................
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I think ill take mine to a garage to get it done probably.

Is steam cleaning really just a big jet wash that shoots out hot water.

I got a jet wash, could i just connect the hot tap?

I took mine to be steam cleaned at a garage - but when they opened the bonnet they point blank refused to steam clean it. They said it would cause mayhem, especially with an induction kit.

I took a similar approach to Weight.

Ive always cleaned my past engines at the garage with the pressure washer and a tin of gunk as long as you dont fire the water directly at any electronic components it seems to be fine.Ive never had a problem.So far Ive done it on most of my cars, and my MR2 which has a fair few electronics in the engine bay.Just be prepared to have to clean a few electrical plugs out with some wd40 or something.The distributor cap in the main one.Also the main thing is let the car cool off fully before spraying with water otherwise the sudden cooling could possibly crack the block.

They all came up real shiney after a bit of scrubbing with a stiff brush and gunk