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Steering rack replacement/upgrade!

  Handbuilt 172 Cup/ 1.2 8v
Does anybody know of anyone who specialises in clio steering rack conditioning?

Can a 1.2 electric assisted rack-casing be built up to house and utilise a 172 cup rack?

Any help appreciated.
  Lionel Richie
why would you want to do that, just fit either rack, they both bolt straight on

i have a reconditioning place i use
  Handbuilt 172 Cup/ 1.2 8v
Fred,:- yeah i can see that the sport rack would bolt on and i could use it, but then i wouldnt have power steering. Not the end of the world i know, and it does have its benefits, or maybe not for a 1.2, but was perhaps trying to find a way round the powersteering warning light coming on as the connector would not be used.?

i suppose there is perhaps the posibility that i could connect up a pas pump, pipes and overflow/collector bottle from a cheap mark 2 phase 1 to then run the sport pas, givin me the power steering but still leaving the old electric pas cable void.

idealy if it is possible i would want the plug in pas rack case with a sport rack and whichever pinion suits.

i have noticed that the pas electric rack casings are very small in o/d compared to pas fluid sport ones. so the rack and pinion sizes may not be at all interchangable. who knows?
  Vee 6
I've miss read the question, I was looking at changing the hydraulic PAS to electric and doing away with the pump and pipe work.

Interested to find out how it's done and what parts to use. And if the steering feel changed for the better ?
  Handbuilt 172 Cup/ 1.2 8v
Missing Link:- for that you will need an added part of the loom which i dont think the sports ahve.

Also to maintain your quicker sport steering the rack would have to be replaced. the rack casings are entirely different for either PAS.

Look at running without pas alltogether, not ideal/practical but depends on requirements.

im not sure that there would be any difference in the 'steering feel' through the differnt types of pas, mainly to do with the rack and pinion ratio.
Look hard peeps, there are interesting threads about this changing from PAS to non-pas .. Technical info on new belt sizes needed etc. also there

It's on my wanted list too.