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Steering Wheel control - Help!!!!!

  Abarth Grande Punto
Hiya Guys, I have just fitted the Blaupunkt Dab54 stereo into my 182 which was simple.
I also have the wiring kit which enables the steering wheel control to work. The interface plugs into the back of the stereo and then into the back of the original stereo display (that displays temp and time etc). What i need to know is how do i get to the display is it a simple job or does it involve ripping the hole dash out??

Your help would be much appreciated as the car is in bits on the drive!

Thanks Again Stu
3 T20 screws in air vent for winscreen 2 plastic types clips either end of dash top pull off sliver trims on front of dash one driver and one passenger few screws there and pull top off steering wheel cowling and 2 screws there remove door rubber by a pillar remove a pillar at the top use small flat blade screwdriver at the top on a tab type thing and pull up wards then pull dash top straight forwards dont go up must be straight.