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Steering Wheel Moving Left to right to left....etc.

  2007 MK3 Clio
Hi there,
When i'm driving along the car pulls to the right (not really badly) i think this may be wheel alignment
But the main problem is if i let go of the steering wheel (driving on a smooth straight road) the steering wheel starts moving left to right to left to right......etc. by about 1cm each direction and then will suddenyl pull to the right :S!
Does anyone have a clue what it could possibly be?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)!
Thanks RJM
  2007 MK3 Clio
Would just like to clarify i let go while going slowly to see how bad the steering is, i don't drive with no hands haha!
  MK3 GTI golf 16v
generally if its only very tinyest amount of pull to the left then its just the camber of the road, it can sometimes twitch to the the right if you clip something like a drain etc. if its got some force behind the pull then check the tracking etc
  MK2 Clio
Most places offer free tracking checks so get that checked to begin with but often roads pull slightly aswell, after you get your tracking looked at take care near potholes, speedbumps and curbs!