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Steering wheel spacer

The steering wheel on my Clio is a bit too far away for me and there is no reach adjustment. So I'm considering putting in a steering wheel spacer, something like this:

Apparently, this one from OMP is made for Clio Sport:

Is this a straightforward job to install something like this on a steering wheel coloumn? I've never removed a wheel, so I'm not sure where exactly on the wheel you would insert it?

Any pointers would be much appreciated!
that second ones the boss that you use to fit an aftermarket wheel...

dont think its possible to fit spacers unless you fit a aftermarket wheel at the same time, but if your doing that you may aswell just get a dished wheel.
Well I like the Clio steering wheel and wouldn't want to change it, besides the aftermarket wheel won't have the airbag...

The adapter above obviously fits the Clio steering column with one side. The question is how to modify/adapt the other side to fit the Clio steering wheel?

The other option is to go to the mechanic and have such spacer custom made/built - I just need to know how does it need to attach to the wheel and to the steering column?
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^ hmm, in all fairness you're bringing it closer to your face when the slide the seat forward! I think the OP is going to have to do exactly that to solve his problem too!