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Still Waiting . . .

  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

:mad: Still waiting for my 172 to arrive at Motorpoint, starting to get very p*ssed off now, been over three weeks and no sign of it.


what colour are you after? There we site claims they have blue,silver and black in stock at both burnley and derby?
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

im after a silver one from Burnley, ordered it over three weeks ago, they have got an absoloute sh*t load advertising on Autotrader as well, but whenever i phone to ask about mine they just say it is still in transport and we cant get any further information on it. At one point i was told by the salesmen that it would be here in 10 days, that was about 16 days ago, and i was also assured that if the worst came to the worst i would definately have it by the 26th Nov.

26th Nov? Nice. You must be going nuts by now! Seems like motorpoint are operating along the lines of renaul customer service. Have they actually admitted whether they have any in stock on site? You could phone anonymously and see what they say. Or am I getting sad now....
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

they have previously said that they have had a black one arrive, and have had 2 v6s in stock, but they RARELY ever have any 172s in stock as they just come and go and never hang around. I have just phoned them again this morning and told them that i was getting really annoyed and if nothing happens by atleast the middle of next week then i will go elsewhere, and they said that they imagine it will atleast be within the next few days.


Gaz 2130