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Stock 182 FF Trackday Prep


I would really like to give a track day a go next year in my 182 (both cup packs and running 172 cup turinis).

The car is clocking circa 80k now, got it a year ago with 60k on it. It's had top mounts, ARB bushes, rear dampers around 15k ago and I'll be fitting new front wishbones in the next couple of weeks.

Oil and filter service every 6k miles, coolant was done about 12k ago now and same for PAS fluid - so all fresh!

It runs the stock airbox but with the two smaller induction pipes disconnected, and has the Scorpion RS192 exhaust. Will this pass sound check?

Tyres, for my road use are PS3. Will PS3 tyres survive a track day?

I'll also be changing the front pads and discs next year. Are stock pads okay for a track day at say Cadwell or will they get cooked?

My plan is to get tuition on the day too. So any advice or comments for the car based on the above?



ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Noise test will be fine.
As long as everything is ok on the car you will have fun.
As above better pads and discs will be a good choice.
You'll be fine with everything you have mentioned if its your first track day, and bravo for the track tuition as most wanna be Lewis Hamilton types think its beneath them. Maybe take a set of spare front pads as OE can wear very fast on track as I learnt on my first track day, which ruined my day as they where toast by dinner and I had no spares.

You'll get a feel for what you require for next time like uprated pads, tyres, suspension, RARB etc.

Have fun, be safe, and be courteous to other drivers and you'll have a great day.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
as above, nothing needed, maybe spare set of pads but tbh if its your first day i'd stick with oem as well for now and just listen well to the instructor and enjoy yourself

however, do save loads of cash over the winter as after the first one getting your eye in, it'll be mod central in your mind from there on in!lol!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
It will be fine standard. Just remember to limit your sessions to around 20mins. Otherwise tyres and brakes will start to overheat. (High temp brake fluid wouldn't go a miss - ATE)

PS3s are fine on track. Remember to come in and adjust the pressures back down to about 33/30 after a few laps.

Start standard, build up one mod at a time. Then you can judge the difference (or lack of) it makes!!

chris blue

ClioSport Area Rep
  172 Ph1 2001
Think it depends how heavy u r on the brakes round the track. I "dab" the brakes quick rather than plant my foot on them for a couple seconds, and my standard pads havent faded on several track days yet, and at Lydden and Brands Hatch i wasnt holding back the throttle.

Just changed my pads today as the discs look good,and had some standard pads as back up. Put them in and the brakes are fab.

Was gonna change up to HC Brembo discs with fast road use Mintex 1144 pads early next year, but at the moment its not worth it. (No track day till next March now)

less than 20 mins per sesh, or thigs get hot. First to go was my PAS fluid- all over the place LOL.

So as said, dont swap anything until youve done a session, and if u r not that heavy on the brakes they should be fine. Mine have been

PS: I did change up to DOT5.1 Brake fluid which helps i think