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Strut Brace Sprayed and Fitted

Recently purchased the strut brace below, however due to not fitting it for a few weeks it became pretty scratched and damaged, as i beleive the paintwork was pretty thin

Before, as it came


Soon decided it needed a tidy up and decided i was going to spray it a contrasting colour, red

Started with a quick sand down



Couple of coats of primer



Sprayed, Laquered and fitted



Pleased with how its come out but unsure yet as to if it makes any noticable difference when driving

Please excuse how dirty the car is
it is red, but the sunlight makes it look orange, and no i dont have a front one at the moment , might be getting one soon, and no reason really, just personal choice
lol at chucking it over the hedge, your right but i think they look cool, and a front one does nothing either, purely aesthetic