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stunning escort rs turbo edinburgh last night, marc r??


ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
mate sent me pics of red escort turbo in city centre last night when he was out, its identical to marcR's. looked fantastic, my mate and his mates all taking pics of it at traffic lights, lol. got the pics on my phone will post later.


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
Yeah i was out and about last night.

Seen your mates waving and all happy yeecup

The car is now all tucked away and prob won't be out for a few months.



ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
WIT??? You better get this up to Knockhill next Saturday!!!
Wont be out mate, Its done over 60miles this weekend and thats too much

Seen your OH in it earlier on today in Broxburn.
She was out shopping and doing other bits and bobs and then it went away mate.

Yeah no bad looking rep Marc lol
Just waiting on you and your £3.99 drive through car wash to give it a going over :rasp:

Tell you something, it looked just right sat in McDonald's car park ;)
I went down to Asda in livi and started doing donuts and hand break skidz
  clio 182 cup
yours looks nice matey i used to have a big power 340bhp s2 sold it though ..any way heres a sneaky pic of my s1 and clio..more pics in general