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Stupid air filter question...

Does anyone know if it is possible to affix / bodge an open cone air filter designed for a particular model of car onto a different make of car???

It is quite a dumb idea, but Ive got the urge to mess around with the car tomorrow and thought Id nip down Halfords, buy a cone filter that they have in stock and fit it to the car for a laugh / hear what it sounds like (am going to put a panel filter in when I can easily get one). They always have then in for Pugs, Fords and Citreons etc. Reckon any of these might be modifiable to fit onto a 172?



I wouldnt advise it. But, It does happen, especially with those Ford Heads. They fit RS500 induction filters to fiesta rsturbos. Because there bigger and even less restrictive.

So in answer to your question, yes you can make them fit other cars. But you will have to look at your personnal circumstances and what is avalible at the shop.

Some filters may just involve to much work and not seal properley at the end of the day anwayz.

I have a secret weapon for sealing things like this that require a strong airtight seal. I used it for the sealed cold air feed I made on my last car. Halfords self amalgamating radiator repair tape Excellent stuff

I assume induction kits are generally just clamped directly over the engines air inlet (remove the airbox, clamp on sort filter of thing)??? If this is the case, I might just measure up and then go and ask to look at loads of filters in Halfords and get the closest match....

  silver valver/hybrid

my bro had a green, airfilter on his fiesta zetec, which is now on his mg zr 120, seemed to fit pretty well. sounds cool as well!
  mk2 172

my mate put a civic filter on his his 2.0 nova, his is linked by a huge pipe to the air inlet, the filter sits in a housing right near the grille. sounds nice.

  320d M Sport

AHAHA, theres your Sunday afternoon ruined eh Rhys?? Bad luck mate, just have to go out for another 80 mile blast again...