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Subaru Impreza front seats + Clio ?

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I don't have a clue, but I cannot wait to see it done, sounds mint.
I love it when someone one here breaks the mould, real inspiration tbh

Jamie :thumbsup:
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Someone put Civic Type R seats in a 106, just required cutting up the CTR and 106 frames and welding together. Personally I'd go for the evo seats they look a lot better than ones from a Subaru.
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the seats in the Evo 5 and 6 are Recaro Treadlines which came in some clios anyway so at a guess all you would need is to get the clio subframes and they 'should' fit no probs

the only thing they won't do is have the release for getting into the back so you would just need to move/wind it forward


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LOL - they are just bucket seats

Essentially yeah they are haha !

Evos = >£300 .. found some scoob seats (the full set) £80 near me. My scoob's seats have done 150k and they're still properly comfy/supportive etc.

No need to worry about people getting in the back. The car has a tailgate.
  Monaco 172 + mk1 RSi
Yeah but usually one here people would be snubbed and called chavy and so on for using Subaru seats and told to just do it proper and be a sheep ;)
Maybe i was a lil over enthusiastic but I like the sound of it

I've also been looking at the Evo options (just as a damn sight cheaper)...Assume you could re-use the same Evo runners, however need the mounting plates specifically for the Clio/182. Assume the lack of tilt forward would be an MOT failure (speed of passenger exit safety thing)...which i would guess would stop the plan for a std road car. Impreza seats could be an option...not as 'pretty', and and unbranded the mounting plates may be more difficult to track, however as some are 3dr, they should/may have the tilt option.?


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
LOL nice bumpage :eek:

Do it....!

Nothing's impossible.. however I bought another Scoob instead.

Anyone got a guide for fitting Clio seats into an Impreza ? I just find I get too much support from these seats, plus the driving position doesn't feel like I'm sat on a bar stool driving a ferry.
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My friend done it with his Fiesta so no reason why you couldn't do it with a Clio. It would require a bit of cutting and welding.