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ClioSport Club Member
  Clio RB 182
Hi All.

Hope your all well.
So currently going though a suspension refresh and have got to the point now where I need to be sending stuff away for paint.

Before they go I need to sort out the rear subframe/wishbone hole as it has elongated it's self.

I have bought the pure motorsport correct kit and am wondering if any one has had any experience fitting them?

Clearly it says on the website about oversizing the hole and they have told me the best way to get them in the right place is a long bit of threaded bar from the front wishbone though to the rear and to use nuts to stop them moving around.

Dose anyone have an to experience or Photos of these fitting or being fitted?

Also where are people getting new wishbone nuts and Bolts from or infact Know the size of the at least?

Thanks in advance