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Evening baby is going in soon to have supagard applied to it, costing 125 notes for the paint protector and some would be 3m/scotch guard for the interior to prevent stains! so question is it worth it? anyone recommended or slate it?

change the colour i almost had a seizure trying to read that, mmmmmm as for if its worth it im told its good but you can get cheaper products that are just as good
  Clio 200 FF

hmm when i worked at a dealers a while back we sold this to customers buying new cars. it cost the dealer £25 for the kit and the valaters were paid £10 to apply it. I have an unopened kit of diamond brite which is supposed to be the best available, i used these kits on previous cars and it did make a difference (gave black a deeper shine), supaguard is a cheaper alternative and works ok, just dont expect it to protect the paintwork against scratches, chips, etc