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Suspension cup pack - DO I HAVE IT? (Sorry for posting this!)

Hi all

Just treated myself to wonderful clio 182 with 74k miles on it and it's a joy.

However... I'm trying to get my head around whether it has the suspension cup pack. I know, I know... this has been dragged through the forums a million times (SORRY). However, I'm struggling to find the specific information I need, and to be honest, I'm not the best mechanically but tbh that's why I've bought this car.

I know that the wheels are anthracite (mine are however have been refurbed so may just have been sprayed that colour), and the bolt spacing on the front struts is 60mm with cup pack and 54mm without. My question is which bolts are these specifically? I've looked and can't figure out which I'm looking for and can't seem to find anywhere on here, anything that helps me specficially find them. If anyone can explain that I would be very greatful.



ClioSport Club Member
54mm / 60mm references to the bolt spacing on the front shocks (gap between centres) , see red markings on this photo:
  182 FF
If you take a front wheel off you will see the hub, which has the brake caliper and brake disc attached to it. The upper part of the hub has two bolts that clamp the shock absorber. Its the distance between the centre of these two bolts that determines if you have cup hubs fitted or not. If it helps i can take a picture tomorrow, i'll be working on mine and that may explain it better. Send me your number on a private message if you want me to WhatsApp you a photo.
Cheers Paul.
Just turned the wheel out and lay on the road with the tape measure. Looks like it's 60mm which is great news... but it was really awkward to get to and couldn't properly see.

I can get it jacked up at the weekend so will have a proper look then. Thanks again for the help (y).