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Syncing iPhone to a new itunes

As some may know i have moved to iMac - i've just been charging my phone via the Mac so far , but now i want to sync it up , the problem was my old iTunes account was on my old computer.

Can somebody please talk me through how to sync my phone up to the new iTunes on my Mac - i really can't take ANY RISK of loosing any of my 650 numbers + a few apps ( no songs on my phone ) in my phone.

I just did it on mine the other week. I installed a new PC, set up a new media library, copied all of the IPA's over from the old disc to the new one and authorised my account on the PC.

When you click on sync you get an option to merge libraries or set it up as a new device. Just click on merge and it should all be okay. Absolutely everything stayed on my phone, save games, apps and music etc were not touched.

My contacts are saved in outlook and synced with that, so I can't be 100% certain that they would have stayed if I they had not have been in there. Set up a sync with gmail contacts or something to be safe?


You should really think about using a OTA sync for contacts. Something like mobile me or the free google sync.

That way you wont have issues.