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Tailgaters! Something I am getting very pi$$ed off about - why cant the police catch these utter morons for once?! Please!

dont drive so slow... ;)

i always find looking at them in my mirror whist dropping a gear and accelerating away like a rocket for a short stretch helps. cause when u slow back down they think twice about sitting on ya ass as theyve just realises their once thought to be all superior car is now sh*t

sorry I just generally stick to the speed limits and if people dont like it.... :mad: Most of them dont get hints either! Next time Ive got a right mind to get out of my car and give them a piece of my mind... sorry tad of road rage there :devilish:
  Audi S3

Yea im the same they do my nut but not as mush as people who cut me up! and its nearly always by a woman on a roundabout (there round for a reason) or coming up to one! ( gunna get me into trouble i know but its true) i managed to get cut up 5 times today in a 10 min drive and 4 of which were women on roundabouts and 1 of which was even on a mobile :mad:

Ok rant over


I always get the kamikaze bird in the Ford Mundane-o who still wants to pass me when im doing 95! Or better yet those arsehole salesman in V6 Vectras, NEWSFLASH, they are NOT fast! my beemer will be supping optimax long after they have fallen off the road.


just let them by if there in such as rush, or slow down even more i do it just to annoy them more lol


dont like your style do it my way its much more fun, let them overtake then do the same back to them pushing them along easily then blasting past them giving them the hazards. does ther trick all the time maraculously(spelling) there not in a rush no more and drop right back lol

some may think trhis nisn irresponsible but hey ndonjt feckin drive so close then

  BMW 320d Sport

Well Im happy for people to drive at the speed limit if theyre not in anyones way. Even when Im doing over a ton I still pull into the left hand lane if theres nothing to overtake in the next ten seconds. Its just good manners. When people are hogging the fast lane though, I have to admit I do probably get closer than I should sometimes.

I find it easier if you want someone in the fast lane to move out of the way, just come up very quick and then hang back a few lengths behind, wavering from across to the middle as if indecisive about whether to undertake. They soon get the message and pull across, then you drop it into 3rd and cane it past.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Theyve just put the new speed cameras up on my way to and from work, so obviously im gonna stick to the limit the whole journey (Which i do anyway BTW. But they are the ones that monitor your distance between each one anyway)

This prick in a BMW (suprise suprise) was up my arse flashing me to speed up. So I stay where I am and he overtakes me at the roundabout by going in the wrong lane. So now im behind on a nice stretch of dual carriageway. He was sat in the fast lane trying to gain speed so I thought Id come up behind him pretty quick and give him a flash in return.

He soon shifted! t**ser. Problem is you end up spending most of your time looking in the rear view mirror than on the road, and chances are if your gonna have to brake sharpish they will probably go into the back of you!


i know its not right but if people just sit in the fast lane at 70/75mph with the middle lane clear and me up their arse I drop down to 3rd foot to the floor and undertake. Silly yes but makes em realise that their holding people up regardless of the legal speed limit. Give em a look and a beep beep and then they soon pull in to the middle. Next time someone is holding me up when the NON-OVERTAKING lanes are free im gonna shot em from my sunroof!

take note!

This has to be the one thing more than any other that pisses me off when I am driving.

I can accept people getting a bit close if youre hogging the fast lane but I flip when someone starts tailgating me around town

A couple of months back this utter prick in a laguna (no reflection on the car) was tailgating me down a quiet residential street where kids play in the road. I was doing 30-35 and keeping my eyes peeled coz they run out from nowhere and all of a sudden theres this arsehole filling my mirror.

So I just slowed down to 20 and as there was nowhere for him to pass (cars parked down sides of narrow road) he had to sit right behind me for about 5 mins. The closer he got the slower I went.

This is how I always deal with tailgaiters, Im bloody shaking now just thinking about it I get so angry! :mad:

On single carrigeways in urban areas and especially in 30/40 limits, I keep to the limit. So tailgaters get an automatic and brief flash of brake lights (rear fogs if at night - same effect).

On motorways, I always pull into the inside lane - not that many cars tend to be in a hurry to overtake me ;). Im actually one of those who drives at 55mph on the motorway, but strictly only when its busy or Im not holding up traffic.

If Im in a rckless mood and someone is tailgating, I soon return the favour by letting them past and then doing the same to them.

As for lane hoggers, as a last resort I undertake as safety allows, but usually I indicate as if theres a 3rd/4th lane. Saw that in Italy - works well.


  Audi TT Stronic

on the motorway just touch the brake with your left foot then floor it.. bye bye.. hehe.

I dont think you should really do this cause somepeople can slam the brakes when they left foot brake.. but it works well


lane hoggers are annyoing too. dont know which is more annoying tailgaiter or lane hoggers the worse one ive experienced which really really really pissed me off was this feckin b**ch in a rover. i was on the a13 cruising in the fast lane overtaking a good 5 cars in a row then i approach this green rover 200 in hogging the out side lane like no tomorrow. she see me coming but does little to move. the inside lane is all clear and the cars i passed are miles off so there is no reason for her not to move. well im stuck behind her about 3 car lenths and still no sign of moving do about a mile like this, getting a little annoyed now so start flashing her. no response. flash her some more no response. for some reason i wanted her to move over and not undertake so i flash some more. think about another two miles pass and were still cruising at 85 and she just wont move over even though the road is clear. so i get tired of flashing and just under take her droppping my car down to 4th. middle lane is still clear so i carry on cruising at about a ton and you know what the dozzy b**ch does she feckin pulls back into middle lane.after i under took her.

now what the point was it for her to do that

  Skoda Fabia vRS

i had 2 last night on the way home from the g/ of em was a big vauxhall carlton, so i floored it a bit an made the gap bigger an he backed off then

other one was a 1.8 16v Vectra, yea it might have a bigger engine but its a damn bigger car, pissed on him at some lights thought he would leave it at that, but no, goes into 2 lanes an he flies across a roundabout thinkin im racin him an almost hits this little old woman in a Yaris

worst thing for me is people pullin out on me, it happens without fail EVERY single time i go to work on one particular roundabout, and they know they have pulled out on me, usually in a 1.0 white Corsa so i maintain my speed an they just sit there slowly goin whilst stairin at me the whole time, if there was someone stopped on the roundabout they would hit em, and almost every day its a woman !!! least if a guy does it he has sense to put his foot down a bit or at least give me a wave to say sorry
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

I think my tactic works the best.

Generally I get tailgaters when Im in a lane passing people to my left and someone in front of me, so Im not gonna pull into the slower lane just to let some t***er gain one place...what for? does it make them feel better, so I find if you just slow down a bit make a nice big gap between yourself and the car in front for a while then they usually back off (works about 90% of the time for me).

Sometimes it doesnt work but doing anything more is just going to incite a case of road rage and Im fed up of idiots who dont care about their lives or anyone elses on the road.

I have noticed a lot of people here will speed up when you come up behind them and only when it is clear to them that they cant pull away they will pull over.

What also irritates me is people who pull over but then immediately accelerate so you either cant pass them or have a hard time doing so (Usually BMW drivers).

Only once in my life did I lose it when a BMW was up my arse driving with his brights on because hed tried to cut in front of me when I was in a right only lane (turning right onto an on ramp) and he was in a straight only lane (also trying to turn right onto the on ramp) and I went a little further than usual so he couldnt make it. Anyway he screams up behind me on the motorway (Im in the middle lane doing the speed limit) and puts his brights on and just sits right behind me, so I try the usual and slow down so he will bugger off, but no he just slows down too, so I speed up to about 90mph and he speeds up too. By now I was pretty pissed off so I speed up more but he just catches up and sits there, so I slow back down again to the limit and he just sits there. By this time I am so fed up of his antics that I just lock up my wheels and watch him try maintain control of his car which is now weaving heavily under intense braking. I let off the brakes, drop a gear and shoot off down an off ramp.

I know it was stupid but when youre young and stupid you do things that are stupid.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I have tried several different ways of getting rid of tail gaters, The other night, a BMW approached my rear, I am doing 75-80 in a 70 so I am not going slow. As he sits right on my arse, I slow down to 65 change down to 3rd and floor it, he vanishes in seconds, I slow down after about a mile move into the inside lane then move out again into the right hand lane to overtke a slower car, and the g*t gets up my arse again, didnt learn anything. I pull off as its my junction, game over.

In my last car, I used to gently press the brake this usually worked though sometimes the lunatic behind would get even closer. Now if a g*t gets too close to my rear I slow down to the speed limit and stay where I am for a while and forget about the car behind.

I totally agree with adams_2k. They have introduced loads of speed cameras lately in town, loads of people I know have been caught - so now I stick to the limit everywhere, its also a more relaxing way to drive. I never try to hold anyone up, but Im not going to break the speed limit for them.

Last saturday I had a BMW tailing me down a narrow twisty 30 road full of houses and parked cars in Brentwood. I had my boyfriend in the car, and we were both getting pissed off with him. Its hard to concentrate on the road with idiots like that behind you. I eventually pulled over (when I safely could) to let him and a few other cars past, and pulled off again when the road was clear.

Point is that I shouldnt have to do this. but ever since Ive been sticking to the limit everywhere I go, Ive had people tailing me. :(
  Clio v6

I tend to get tailgaters a lot, but no idea why?. I mostly look in my mirror and do my utmost to make it obvious that I am saying "What Ever". That seems to get them even more peed off.

My party trick is to pull over into the slow lane at my own time and give a tiny smirk.

Just so you all dont think Im a real goodie goodie. I will also admit to sneaking back into the fast lane, and just when the tailgater is far, far away on the horizon, I then change down into 5th and let him see that I can tickle the throttle when, ( and only when ) I feel like it.

Call me just as annoying I dont really care.

I was driving up someones arse yesterday. Not right up, but close enough to annoy her obviously. She was doing 30mph in a 50 zone in her golf gti. No room for overtaking. So we stop at the next set of traffic lights and she gets out and walks up to my window.

"You f**king idiot, are you wanting to cause an accident."

<me> "Well perhaps if you could drive at the correct speed?"

<her> "I can drive fine thanks"

<me> "Well if you droove like that in a driving test you would fail"

<her> "ohh f*ck you, its a limit..L I M I understand?"

<me> "Yeah but this is the recommended safe speed, you werent even close to it"

<her> "Oh f*ck you"

So i droove off, clearly she wanst happy:)

I do hate tailgaiters and always leave plenty room, this women was just annoying my with her silly driving.

No such thing as a slow lane or fast lane, speed limit in all lanes are exactly the same.! The second and third lanes on a carriageway are both called overtaking lanes. But alot of people seem to forget that once you have overtaken a car in lane 1 you must pull back in once it is clear to do so. Also seem to think that if you do want to go over 70mph you must pull into the middle lane to do so. I wander how many people over 50 would pass their driving test if they were to take it again.


I has some dozy cow (seems all these complaints are about women, no offence to the lady drivers on this site tho!) in a Golf on a dual carriageway, about 10pm, only 1 other car on the road but this one other car was the one she decided to cut infront of me to overtake, very slowly.!

She must have been going about 2mph faster than the car she was overtaking and we were only doing about 50 at the time. But once she was alongside she just sat there, both cars side by side. I gave a quick flash of my head lights just to say I wanted to pass, and she stuck her finger up at me.! This pissed me off, so I put my lights on full beam and left them on. She sped up by all of about 3mph to pass the car on her left and pulled in front of the car too close, causing it to brake sharp in order to drop back.

I pull along side (Im in the Supra by the way) and look over at her with an very puzzled look on my face shaking my head. At this point we must have hit a masive 54mph. She looks over and sticks her finger up at me again, so I mouth the words "You stupid woman". Dont think she liked that!

At no point was I sitting right on her bumper, I think the closest I got was about 1 car length so christ knows what her problem was, made me chuckle in the end.

Another thing I see alot of (I live near a junction of the M25) is people reversing back down the slip road when they realise that they took the wrong exit off the roundabout. Ive now deliberatly driven onto the slip road right up behind them and made them go on the motorway even though I wasnt going that way myself.! When I see things like that I always think, if only I was a policeman!!!!
  mk2 172

as already mentioned the cause of of tailgating is LANE HOGGERS, this, the root of the problem should be tackled, i hate old biddy lane hoggers. this is the cause of 90% of tailgating, for the other 10% the tailgaters are nobs. i get well wound up on the motorway stuck behind some dumb non mirror checkin nob ed.

the majority of people who tailgate me are people who want to go 2 miles an hour faster than me! i.e. in a 30 or 40 zone. On the motorway I just move over if someone wants to go faster obviously.

The weirdest thing is people who want to do 45 in a 30 zone, then 45 in a national limit zone.

I dont have a problem with people travelling at slower speeds - as long as its clear to overtake. The limit is a limit and not a recommended speed as some people think. I frequently do 50mph on the motorway, but never when Id be holding people up - just look at the congestion a lorry or two create.
  Audi S3

I hateit when lorries on dual carageways doing a whole 1 mph faster than the one in front overtake and after 5 or 6 mile realise that they are actually doing the same speed and are just blocking the carageway! i hate that as its usually me who gets stuck behind!



  Audi TT Stronic

they do it delibaretly, there are on the CB like

ssshhh "look at the queue behind me hehe" sssshhh....

sssshh..."yep lets see how long we can get the tailback"....shhh

or somthing to that effect