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ok, rite, heres a challenge to see who has the fastest car on the board. im not talking 0-60, im talking real driving conditons. heres the challenge;

get from a steady 40mph to 70mph as fast as u can. but make sure u do it from a steady 40mph, not accelerating thru it. this is to simulate b-road driving, when a coffin dodger is doin 40mph and u pull out to overtake. post ur times as follows;

car, with mods:
gears used

heres my times to start the ball rolling

car: renault 19 16v (gasflowed head, standard everythign else)
time: 6 seconds
gears used: 2nd and 3rd

P.S. try n use a stop watch if u can, rather than counting elephants!!


why dont we get 1 driver all the cars round a track........

ill selflessly volunteer for the arduous task......:D

Car: Clio 1.4 RT 1994 (BenR special polished/ported manifolds, green filter+front grill direct air feed, but on 16s)

time: 20minutes

gears used: reverse, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.

remedy: answers on a postcard please!

(seriously - it took about 12 seconds but that was hippopotamuss, not elephants)
  mk2 172

iv just trimmed a video of the saxo with about 200 miles on it 40-70, 5.10 secs, if someone wants to hsot it, its 682 kb
  mk2 172

i have a rolling road slip to tell me other wise, it compares actual to speedo, mie was consistently about 1 mph out, 2 at most i think

craggy i just fitted my h.u.d unit to my car, its a digital projection unit that projects your speed or rpm onto your windscreen ( so u dont have to look down ) it takes pulse tappings from the ecu sensors for the tacho and speedo, so it is dead accurate compared to the dials themselves. up to 100 mph on the speedo the h.u.d consistently reads 2-3 mph out. at 30 on a speedo, the car is actually only doing 27mph. at 100 the car is doing 98.. havent been higher than that...

bout £150 i think (was xmas prezzie) means rippin the dash apart to get to all the tappin points u need. took good part of the day to fit. well worth it though, its wicked! even projects l.e.ds onto the screen to use as gear change lights... as for where?? aint a bloody clue??

yours may have been a bit more accurate as its a willy too. bigger engine different gearbox ratios etc.. i meant to say should be out by that on 16vs

nope, not what i got, mine actually projects the details onto a small section of ya windscreen, so basically when ya cainin it u dont have to look down to know how fast ya going or when u need to change gear

What gear are people starting from? There was a similar topic on the EVO forum a while back. I posted an average 40-70 time of 3.6 seconds when I had my Fiat Coupe 20V turbo starting in 2nd gear. Must try it in my standard 172 when I get a chance.

Remember just about every speedo is calibrated wrongly, so 40 and 70 wont be 40 and 70. Youd need proper equipment, maybe something for the next big meet. Still ill give it a go!

Is it raining really badly where you lot are? Im in SE london and my car was wheelspinning in second, the little devil!

Well, if the speedo is out by 3mph all the way.. then it will still work out roughly right...

Just itll be 43 to 73..

If people are counting elephants or using stopwatches, I wouldnt have thought a slighy Speedo would make much difference anyways.


only if it meant u had to change gear daz,

and the fact the faster u get, the more power it takes to push so u would slow down... not majorly at this level i know but still..

<A name=uk>UK distributer...

Marino Morelli(Mr.)
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Tel & Fax:: 01276-475878

Just been out for a spin and recorded the following.

Car and Mods: Clio Williams with Chip, Ind kit and Stainless zorst.
Time: 4.85 (This was the average out of about 8 runs, as the damn thing kept spinning in 2nd and 3rd.
Gears: 2nd and 3rd.

  mk2 172

that apexi thing is cool mat!, but, prob is you have to install the thing:(, would be much better if you could just sawp it car to car


Quote: Originally posted by scoucer16v on 08 January 2003

19 16v with a mongoose zorst, k&n an a superchip i got ruffly 4 to 4.5 seconds
this is why we need an idependant driver, its pointless exercise with replies like that
  mk2 172

adi, hows the 0-100/0-60? and have you tested other cars with it?


ps, iv been challenged by another valver from round these parts.........
  clio 20v

well its wet but so far ive been out and considering i cant get traction in first an im rolling off the line or wheelspinnin like hell ive done one high seven run to 60 mainly 8s and 8.1s done one quarter that was late 16s and 0-100 was 21 secs

ive done a 106 gti that also did 8s but that was really struggling for traction in first also did me g/f 1.4 mk 3 golf 18 sec 0-60 with her drivin she wouldnt let me touch it lol

is there another valver scalp coming ur way then lol it wont be mine anymore if uve seen my profile im getin a hike in speed he he, u best come out in ur other car nxt time

  Skoda Fabia vRS

Car: 1.4RT

Mods: I/Kit, Exhaust, Stage 1 Chip

Time: 8.7 seconds

Timing Equip: Nokia 8310 :)
  mk2 172

lol, ill have to bring it out to take some 2.0 valver scalp then will i mate, be a long ttime before its insured again, but ill be chasing ferraris lol;)
  clio 20v

thought id resurect this cos ive been out doin some quater runs but the ap-22 didnt want to record em even though i told it too, a 40-70 is all it giv me

Start Speed 40.0mph
mph s g ft hp
50.0 1.29 0.35 85 116
60.0 2.92 0.21 219 94
70.0 4.76 0.23 395 123

Pk Power: 59.0mph 2.47s 179ft 135hp
Peak G: 55.3mph 1.96s 137ft 0.36g

my quarter time was about 2.6 to 330ft 10.summat to 1/8 mile an 15.summat to 1/4 mile

Ive just been out doing this before seeing this thread. Going to have to pop out again as I had a passenger and only did it in 3rd gear, but it took 6.71 seconds. Did it on video then stopwatched it a few times.

Am very bored just now so went out and did few runs, changing gear from 2nd to 3rd just before redline for first few runs and getting around 5.1 seconds which i thought was pretty sh*t so for once decided to change when the gear change light came on and got an average of about 4.8 seconds over 5 attempts. I never realised that the gear change light was actualy effective. Maybe also faster cos my car was slightly warmer who knows.

Still, time to start modding i feel to catch up with these cups and renault 19s!!!
  clio 20v

yeh lol, im gonna do it in third tonite to see what it is

i dont see y yours wont b similar to mine usin second an third