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tap tap tappety noise

  Ford Fiesta

what could this be? noticed recently in coldish weather. If you press loud peddle slightly not enough to get engine revving just slightly in there is a tappy noise? what is this?

Are you running something like 0w40 mobil oil?

That in cold weather would cause you to hear the tappets, its advisable to run a 5 or more rated oil really, 0 rated are for extreme cold weather conditons where the oil needs to heat up quicker, if not then you may need your tappets adjusting (depending on what sort of mileage you have on your car).

  Lionel Richie

I run 0w40 castrol GT something (got ralph schumacher on the box which is worth 10bhp!!!!) i havent got any problems
  Ford Fiesta

willy16V, Cleckheaton, where are you?

its only done about 5.5K never had oil change from new so running whatever Renault put in.

mmmm. Was going to go for oil change at 1 year instead of waiting for the 2 year interval that would be next April then 1 yeah from new.

Dam those tappets......?