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dont know on cost, yet , just after some suggestions at the mo, no more than £500 in total, and it wont be for a while, but some ideas would be appreciated
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

yeah, a nice spoiler, some clear side indicators, maybe a 172 side skirt, window tinting
  Renault Laguna Coupe

£500 will buy exhaust and induction kit with change to spare (k-tec do a good relocation kit). Or loads of nice ICE if thats your bag! Or how about lowering it? (£120-ish). Wheels are more expensive but they do look nice, you might want to have a look at some.

If it was me Id do the zorst and lowering first, then think about the IK.

Forgive me for being completely uninformed (never had a car let alone modified one)... but can somebody take a minute to briefly explain how an induction kit works, and its implications on 1) performance 2) warranty 3) insurance

this post is kind of relevant given that Im collecting the same model on Saturday and will be hoping to personalise it somewhat. But I dont really want to f up the warranty.

I suppose Im buying new for the sake of *not* having to spend loads of money running the car... so I doubt Ill make any excessive mods. Maybe some fancy audio kit...

It really what matters the mos to yout. I started with ICE cos i like my tunes.

I also added small mods, ie scottish flag number plates and alloy tax disc holder. Removed all renault/Elf/alarm stickers

Then i colour coded cause i hate having to apply back to black type stuff and it improves the car dramatically.

Then i changed the rear lights causeim mental. Then i fitted smoked side repeaters.

And as we speak my clio is in getting a medium tint, photos to follow.

one thing about fitting induction kit is to get your car rolling rd tune after it, cause more often than not the ik causes the car to run too lean/rich, not good for your engine.

with £500 you could get some second hand 17s and lower it, but it is hard to find sec hand renault fitments rims though, keep a look out on the for sale forum, as there is some or lowering springs popping up now and again.

For me it was ICE (tunes - non sore throught variety) and then I moved onto wheels. Not really done anything else. I spent too much money on my ICE, about £350 on CD/MD multichanger (cd is multichanger not md) that was reduced down from 500. Then got a sub and amp £300. Then a stealth shelf and 6x9 £150. And that was on a tight budget. If you want some basic advice on ICE give us a shout. I dont know everything but I work with sound effects and that in my spare time, so I know what does what. Remember most insurance companys only insure upto £500 of audio equiopment as standard.

I think the biggest thing you can do to the exterior of your car (apart from bodykits) that will alter its apearence is wheels. These do 2 things. 1) make your car look good, if you get some slightly larger than you have now, it fills in that big gaping gap between your tyres and your bodywork a bit more. But dont go too big because it will reduce your acceleration, bugger up your speedo and add a big whack to your insurance. 2) this is the big one for me. Adds extra grip. As they tend to be wider than your standard wheel they give you extra grip. Having bigger (ie wider) wheels gives you another big advantage, you can get better tyres for them. Go for performance tyres. They give you extra grip and performe above and beyond the call of duty in the wet. It will amaze you at just how much quicker you can take corners with some good tyres than with your standard jobies. On mine the water removing is amazing. Its a big plus at the moment. And because I live in the country there is tons of water comming off the fields, so there is a lot of standing water. But I just plow through it confident in the knowledge I will be sticking to the road. Better tyres do have one drawback though, they are usually made of a softer compound than standard jobies so they wear out quicker. And if you push those corners to hard they will wear out even quicker still. But also remember alloys add insurance. I put some low profile 15s on mine (1.4 rt phase 1) and Tesco wanted to add ni on £200 to my insurance.

If knowone answers your induction question soon, I will. I dont pretend to know too much about it, but I feel I know enough to get by. I will leave it for a bit though, as I know there are some great minds on this forum who will be able to answer it better than I.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Quote: Originally posted by neil on 14 November 2002

Forgive me for being completely uninformed (never had a car let alone modified one)... but can somebody take a minute to briefly explain how an induction kit works, and its implications on 1) performance 2) warranty 3) insurance
Pretty simple really. Cars need air and fuel to produce power. The more the merrier. The assumption here is that the standard air-intake (airbox and filter) is restrictive, owing to the manufacturers desire to make it as cheaply as possible and keep the noise down. An induction kit replaces the airbox and filter with a less restrictive (and usually noisier) intake. This might be something simple like a cone filter on the end of a pipe, or a more elaborate system designed to pipe in cold air from outside of the engine bay. Either way the idea is to get more air in - with a nice little side-effect; most induction kits make a really nice noise!

An IK can improve performance if the original intake was inefficient, but to really get a tangible benefit it can be teamed up with a performance exhaust and some changes to the fuelling system. Companies like Superchips can do this. This trio of mods is becoming popular on the 172 at the moment, but theres no reason it wouldnt be beneficial on any modern car.

Effect on warranty? Depends on your relationship with your dealer, but Renault would be well within their rights to turn you away if you had an engine problem after doing this. In practice most dealers take a more customer focussed view.

Effect on insurance? Depends on your insurer. Some will charge a little more based on the retail price of the bits youve added, Others wont want to know you anymore! You really need to check this out before you start so that you can factor in any additional insurance costs to your total budget.

Oh, and in case youre wondering, mine has Magnex exhaust (full system), lowered on Eibach springs, Pipercross panel filter, and the usual bulbs / repeaters. Next spring Ill be next in the queue for the IK / Superchip stuff.


Modern cars today airboxs arent as restrictive as they used to be! Take the 172 for example - an induction kit on its own aint gonna do buttons! Ur basically removing the filter that is sealed and heat protected and replacing it with a nother conical filter exposed to the heat in the engine bay??? Been there done that - if you want noise then go for it if u want about 1BHP more at peak power do it as well but save ur money and especially dont pay £249 for a Pipercross ort BMC which is basically an aesthetically more friendly induction system than what comes as standard -- dont add up to me really!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Then Cupsize? you need a ram air induction kit like the viper which takes air from a large scoop located near the front of the car and not near the engine.

TimO has got a viper kit with a cold air feed cone where the spot light in the front bumper where. He then had it chipped and was getting 14.5 second 1/4 miles but there again he also had launch control.

Modern cars, fuel injection, clios from about 95 on have knock sensors and all sorts of majic electrics that mean you do not have to rolling road tune your car when you fit an induction kit at all. so dont go wasting your money.

As for the mods under £500, theres no doubt about what to do, get some second hand alloys 15s with decentish tyres on and lower it as much as you dare.

Dont get tints dont get a cheap nasty nova boy stylee exhaust do get some clear repeaters.

If you have a money left get an induction kit.



my 1.2 has:

clear side repeaters
silver vision bulbs
mk2 rear clusters (new!!)
60mm drop (24th nov)
15inch superleggs (next week)
clio sport sticker
£2500 of i.c.e
exterior mods were free!! (thanks to idiot trolley pusher)

but its best not to go mad

Check out freds 1.2 for the best way to make your 1.2 look good without spending loads. (the pics are on the site in the gallery)



induction wise the best kit i have ever used is the itg maxogen kit

(my dad has 2 on his audi s8 he got 10bhp mailto:more@the">more@the fw)

Was it a turbo s8 by any chance?

Your gonna get big increases from big engines especially if its turbo charged, its a completely different ball game with a 1.2 clio!

You might get half a three legged pony out of it if your lucky!



no supercharged

but he had that done after the itg kit was put on

now it has 501bhp @ 4000rpm did the conversion

superchips remapped the engine, magnex exhaust, forged pistons, porsche brakes.

the itg maxogen kit is very good i would have thought it could out perform the viper but not by much

as for my 1.2 lol!! induction doesnt do sh** just makes loadsa noise