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Teady this V6 must be over your way!


  Shiny red R32

Teady if you fancy a V6 there is one for sale in Glenrothes with only 1,700 miles.

RENAULT CLIO SPORT 3.0 LTR V6 24 VALVE, 51 reg, Iceberg silver, 1,700 miles from new, Limited Edition of 450 made (No 380), reluctant sale due to flat purchase, pristine, mint condition, as new, factory fitted Renault sport seats, first to see will buy, offer of. £22,900. eve or mobile.
Tel: 01592 745670 or 07836531991


  Shiny red R32

You can get brand new ones for less than this second hand one!

2002 RENAULT CLIO V6 Brand New Unregistered Vehicle 3.0 Litre engine, Motorpoint of Burnley 3 door, Silver, Leather Interior, Alloy Wheels, 6CD Changer, ABS, Power Steering, Central Locking, Electric Windows, £21,999


You just want me to buy one, then come over to Edinburgh to give you a run, I know what yer up to!

Im so tempted by those V6s at motorpoint, so tempted!!

The cheapest one Ive seen is 2002 with 2000miles sold at Peterborough Renault for £19,995.

Ive looked at them but been warned by my local dealer about awful residuls, might look again next year if I can get one for £15,000/£16000.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Give it a couple of years and there will be some about for ten grand I bet. Ive heard they arent that quick. Is this true? Id like to be proved wrong though. Ive been to see where they make them at TWR. They had about 5 in the car park. I saw a prototype shell they must have used in their design area too. Noticed one with tape all over front. perhaps to hide the new front end...

In the right hands, i.e mine, itd be fast! 0-60 in 6 seconds would do me fine, I wouldnt keep it standard though!

15 grand 15 grand 15 grand 15 grand

im gonna say this lots in the hope that they hear me

if they do then bang goes my idea of keeping the 172 for a couple of years


i hope they are....

when are the mk2 v6s coming out ?? that will affect the mk1 prices as well as i guess...
  clio williams, Ph1 172

6 seconds is pretty good 0-60 but a cossie would be quicker (5.4). I think they should be more like 0-60 in 5 seconds. Any modded ones? It would have to be quicker for me cos if i got smoked in one by a sierra cossie that would f*** me off. Id have one in a couple of years I think. That gorgeous metallic blue I think mmm
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mk2 V6 will be out next month. Bit more power, sorted front suspension, new nose and MOST IMPORTANTLY AVAILABLE IN SUNFLOWER YELLOW

The mods are nothing you cant do yourself! Did I hear BenR say 285BHP....

Whats a cossie got to do with anything, I thought book on a standard one was 6.?
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Max power shows a standard cossie 0-60 in 5.4. A sunny GTir does it about the same i think too.
  Lionel Richie

Yeah, but thats MAX POWERS figures!!! One of the reasons why the nova and saxo brigade up and down the country talk sh*t about performace!!!!

The maunfacturers figures for a Cossie were either 6.2 or 6.4. Different tests show different results, EVO tested the V6 at 5.7 to 60, now thats quick in anyones book!

the best thing i like about max power is when it reviews new cars and tells u their performance figures, if u look at the table in the back its completely different figures from what theyve just said! excellent!


Nova owners, dont talk sh*te about there figures..... why dont all the clio boys come to Santa Pod or peninne raceway and we will see whos the quickest, if you fancy... could organise a track day, 1.6 Novas are doin 15.10 to 15.80 1/4 mile times, STD 2.0 16v Novas are doing 14.00 to 14.80 1/4 miles and then moddified / turbod and throttle bodied novas are doing anywhere from 13.10 up... in the 1/4 mile... so what you got to say now then??

sounds like youve taken a novadose of somethin comin up with strange ideas about crappy old cars dressed up to be something theyre not :)