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That Silver 172

  Clio f1 r27
So i have been on here a while now, looking and following threads and builds involving track based cars.
Loving the range and budgets people have/use for their cars.

So, with mine i thought i would give it ago with posting and putting up a thread of my own. This is the first Clio or even French car that i have owned and driven!
I've had a Fiesta ST mk6 as a track car beforehand.

Onto the build before i go on and on. The car is a 2002 Clio 172 in silver brought as the air bags had gone off due to hitting a pop hole, sub-frame, wish bones and front chassis arm are straight.
At present the car is up on axle stand with the rear beam, sub-frame, front and rear hubs, calipers and anti roll bar are off and at the powder coater.

Interior wise has been stripped and painted.
Rear roll cage added. Battery relocated to were the passenger seat would be as not running with a passenger seat. bucket seat for the driver is in, looms relocated inside the rear 1/4 panels.
Trackdoor cards fitted, Polly windows fitted, CM composite dash pod fitted but still need to fit switches.

All bushes to replaced with Powerflex Black
New genuine front hub bearings
10mm and 1degree shims at the rear
Front calipers to be rebulit with all new slider bolts and seals
Rear calipers are new so just need a coat of paint
All arches have had liners removed, cleaned and coated in stone chip paint
Rear bumper has been off and stone chip paint applied
AC removed
PAS removed
Carbon catch can removd
New rad

Once the components are back from powder coating they will all be built back up with GAZ coilovers. Once this is all done i will move onto the engine and engine bay.

I will attached pictures tonight as i'm writing this up at work due to a busy day haha..

Any input god or bad is welcome
  Clio f1 r27
So these are the pictures at the beginning of the strip out and the car it’s self.
  Clio f1 r27
Then all of the below is how the car was and sits at present. The above info tell how far I’ve got with it. No such order to the pictures they are just how they have come off my phone to the iPad.

  Clio f1 r27
Again more pictures



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  Rb 182
Good start, as you say there is a fair few different style of track cars on here now.

Interior paint looks good, personally i'd have removed all the floor tar to save a few extra Kg.
  Clio f1 r27
After cleaning and painting.


Rear bumper off but was getting dark as you can see in the poor camera phone picture. Not bad for its age I thought.

Checked behind the side skirts and inside the 1/4 panels and found nothing, good coat of anti rust paint to help out just in case.
I know I still have the sound mat panels but I’m not to worried or going for out and out weight reduction this coupled with I don’t have mains power in my lockup.

I’m not a trained mechanic so sorry if I ask silly questions, not able to time and engine but can cut a pitched roof haha.
Anyway as I said before waiting on a 2 week lead time for the powder coated items to come back before anything else will be moving forward.
  Clio f1 r27
I’ve now had a phone call to say the parts have been powder coated ready for collection. This Saturday I will collect get them back home and start putting it all back together.

I have new seals for the front calipers, they can be built up.
Black polly bushes are on order and should be with me tomorrow.
Front hub bearings are with me ready to be pressed in.

Last night I went through my bolt order and labelled them up with their location.

Don’t panic I have 2 tins of ACF-50 for all bolts, nuts and treads.
  Clio f1 r27
So had a little bit of spare time in between decorating the dinning room and the other half going to lunch with friends.

Front callipers all made up with new pistons, inner and out seals with new dust boots for the slider pins.
The lines are on but not tight.