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The bug’s are back!!!

Just taken my 172 out for a spin as its such a sunny day, gave it a blast down a nice clear bit of road lovely.

Got home and the front and wing mirrors had bugs splattered on them :(..the first of the year oh no!!!

Does any body know,Is there any way of easily removing bugs without damaging the paint work? or preventing them from sticking in the first place??

I know that the Americans have nose covers fitted to their cars to protect the paintwork from bugs and stone chips but they look naff...


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Just get some old wet towels or t-shirts and lay them on the affected areas and after a few minutes the bugs will be damp and you will be able to wipe them off. If you have a hose handy give the cloths a good soaking which will make the job quicker. A friend does this to his motorbike helmet and the fairings, and it works.

Probably not as damaging to the paintwork as the bug and tar remover.


  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by BenR on 02 March 2003

or a 1500psi pressure washer!!!! yay
I always find it too much hassle getting our one out - too many wires, electric extensions and hosepipes etc. If Hubby has set it up I might use it but it is too much bother getting it out myself.


But it saves me having to bend down and get sore.......and its so easy to blast stuff off.

I took loads of the upper layer off my previous clio using a pressure washer. I thought it was a dead bug but it was a tiny stone chip, i dont know if the car had dodgy paint work, but it left a big spot on the nose of my car so i no longer trust those pressure washers.

i got some sponges one has a net kinda thing round it which gets bugs off with an easy wipe and the other for the stubborn feckers has like a rough sife on it, but not rough enough to damage the paintwork, guess u can get em in halfords or sumthin? but they work wonders specially in the summer


be careful with the pressure washers around indicators and lights. The high pressure of the water forces it into the casings

I got Bug and Tar Remover from Turtle Wax - Works great for me..

Smells of Oranges too, which is nice.


My mate who runs a veleting firm, suggests Fast glass by Auto Glym. I used this stuff last year for shows and it works a treat, oh yeah and you can also do your windows with it.
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I just used some baby wipes for thier intended purpose. The stuff was pretty well baked on.

They took it off no problem so a few bugs should be a piece of cake. Never tried them for insects before...

I would never treat my car to a pressure washer if I wanted the paint to last. Any grit whatsoever takes a gouge out of the paint before being blasted off. Might as well give her a quick wipedown with 80 grit...


Quote: Originally posted by Mike Wright on 02 March 2003

I find putting a sticker saying "NO BUGS" on the mirror usually does the trick! ;)

Maybe I can get a little sign to put on the front !!!!

Or some vaseline and see some extreem bug sliding sport!!!!