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The chap i met at Kemble

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Had a silver ph1, and a red 206 GTi on black wheels, just wanted to say was nice meeting ya, i cant remember your user name :eek:

Was a Launch Motorsport Airfield day on Saturday, i will have pics up in the media section soon, held up the Cliosport end fairly well, managed to come 3rd, behind two high power Evo's one on slicks, with their best times a 1min 34 and 1 min 35, and my time being 1 min 41

Circuit was a straight, fast left hand (90mph ish) then another short straight, turn around and come back on yourself, then right into a techinal section of cones, with a few straights, then back to the finish, so the tighter section was good for smaller cars, with the more powerfull ones having the edge on the staights, i had the problem of very worn front tyres, so i had no front end grip for the tigh sections, meaning use of the handbrake to get me round which worked quite well, though def need new ones before next time!

I didnt think i was going to do so well to be honest, as there were quite a few powerfull cars, lots of Scoobs and Evo's, loads of type r's and 2 205 gti's, plus more, so i was over the moon with my time :)
  53 Clio's & counting
sneaky pic, will have all up shortly in the media section :)