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The Nurburgring workout..


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy

sweet i am downloading this now. i have seen it before on the comparison for gt4.

nice to get it on its own.

good work fella!
  Ziel Nurburgring

M3 GTR laps is quicker. Have a look for the link in the ring challenge thread in off topic. Makes everything look like its in reverse
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah the RUF Yellowbird is a classic, but that M3 GTR vid is the ultimate. Id never seen it before last week when someone posted up the link, it is just the most mental lap Ive ever seen, like a video on fast forward or something. A lot of videod laps you think yeah yeah with enough practice and the right motor I could to that but with the M3 GTR...its just crazy speeds all the way through.

Sad really I woke up stupidly early this morning and have watched both vids and am now far too excited to do anything but go for a drive......

Cant wait until 2 weeks today.....

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Yeah the M3 vid is lightening fast, but to be honest the fact that its a track race car takes some of the excitement out of it for me. Obviously I can appreciate the skill that goes into lapping that quick, but the thing I like about the porker vid is the way its just some dude in a t-shirt giving it the bigun and lighting up the rear tyres at every opportunity!
  megane coupe F7R

The thought "Drive it like you stole it" springs to mind. Fookin rapid

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