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Theifs should be shot.

Im fed up of people theifing. Ive just been out for a fag and 3 of my fcukin centre caps have vanished! GGRRRRR Does anyone else have this problem in their area? Because it seems to be a growing trend round here. Any ideas how much renault ripp for a set?

So much for the luck! Lasted at least 5 hours!
  190 BHP Willy 2

If you shoot them its over too quick.

I reckon tieing their hands behind their backs and stoneing them to death is more appropriate.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

i had 2 swiped on my last car. fukers. They are £25 each from reno i think, and thats for the plastic ones. Im currently working on securing them on if ur interested in finding out how it goes? I think one set went round every clio/19 16v within a 10 mile radius.

Problem with phase 2 rims is they look sh1te without caps on!

£25 for the Dam plastic things!?? Great! Do they not make the metal ones anymore? Whats your solution to keeping them on? I was thinking about using the flame thrower option which activates when the barstewards try and get them off! But will need metal caps for the plastics will melt!!

I had my old Nova SR broken into twice in 6 months. I got so pissed off that I sold it to a lad down my road who also had it broken into within 6 months, he also got pissed off and put it up for sale. I saw it so i brought it back for half the price i sold it to him for. I had it a couple of months and then sold it to a mate who had it stollen!! it was recovered but was missing its alloys and stereo.

so i think its the same for everyone. I live in a village out in the fens around cambridge. Its supposed to be low crime are (my insurance seem to think so) but being a village its full of inbread jippos.

In summery, dont by a feckin Nova and get a decent alarm as all areas have tw*ts who will nick anything even a rusty nail, sorry i mean rusty nova.


Im sorry if i offend anyone but why the hell would you nick a Nova SR(used to have a Nova myself). Is it really worth the hassle? And if your going to put your record at risk why choose a Nova, Why not something a bit fun at least!? Like a scooby or somat?
  silver valver/hybrid

my mate had the wright idea, buy a cack old metro for a fiver. jump on the roof a bit and hit a few walls, (gently they are held together by the rust) he used to leave it in the dogiest parts of walsall and wolverhampton, with unlocked doors and open windows and noone ever touched it. Actually i dont think even he wanted to get near it!

Its life mate, suppose we should get used to. We aint allowed to hit back (well if you listen to 172man we aint). Ever wondered why people are starting to take matters into their own hands.

And b4 people start to complain about violence and all that crap, wait until you are faced with the same situations people on here are, it SUCKS!

Best thing I have found to do is find a van, drive about 40 mile away with them in the boot, open the back doors and kick them out, making sure they have no money or mobile phone, seems to make them think twice about it then...........................;)

Its all conspiracy. I know who it is its the little chimp at the renault deakership who makes a comition on selling em. Go down there and ask for them back!