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This months Evo and Car magazine

Anyone read them ...

Both have an article on the RS focus states that its 0-60 will be around the 6.4 secs region, could end up being a good race witha 172... theres also a good article in evo where they test the new leon Cupra R against the CTR and the cooper S .... cooper S wins it, Evo seem to love it too much .. they also seem to slate the CTR quite alot saying things like "numb steering" and "steering weighting is inconsistent"

my fav quote they say about the cooper S "On the track it blows away the civic and makes even the leon feel slow-witted " Can u believe that ... and that question applies to everyone except u cooper s boy

I think that blow it away is a definate definate over statment but I do think it would win. Straight line it definatley would not win against a Type R and nor would a 172. Handling wise I think the Cooper S is amazing. Still needs more power though for the straights and that is why the John Cooper Works kit will be ordered once I am bored with the 163 bhp and 155 lb/ft of torque.
Still it looks like a hairdressers car so dont worry about it.

i know to 60/75 the mk1 clio would match if not be slighty ahead of the CTR ... i know of some mates that have raced them (dont know about the mk2) its 75/80mph + that the CTR starts to pull away from the clio ...obviouslt because of the Vtec ..


Evo also had the mk2 172 at:

7.0 for the 0-60
18.9 for the 0-100

And thats with 20k+ on the clock so.....