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Those car suprmarket in auto trader


I want to get myself a new clio 172 and as you no they are a bit on the pricy side. Looking through the auto trader i see this supermarket for cars, it had a choice of 172s on a 52 plate for around 13000k. Does anyone know anything about these places? i think there is one in gatwick, would you still get the same sort of deals as if you bought it from renault like the 3years manafactuers warranty and the 12 years paint warranty etc? Although i cant really afford it yet hopefully buy around march, april, may...... i would have saved up enough pennies and got a smaller loan and sold my valver!!:D

A nice flame red 172 please.......

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Mail me I can help mate..."> or PM me..

Motorpoint are great.

I payed £10999 for mine in May 2002 (6 months ago)

look to pay about 11-12k now for a brand spanker..

there are many, many second hand 172s from 7.5 k.

It is definitely a buyers market so shop around.


ClioSport Admin
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Dont get a new one, buy ChavyBoys, its as new, and you can save yourself a few quid, maybe get a few mods for the change!

Why not Jas ??... ;)

there is a brand new CUP on autotrader for 11.5k

172s brand new for 11999..

So, yes, a secondhand one is great, but I would expect to pay a LOT less than the new price.

there is a 2002 172 on trader with 5000 miles for less than 10k..

So, yes, if he can get a second hand one at, say, 9.5-10 for a 2002 car, then fine.. otherwise.. why would you buy secondhand ?

Its ALL about price..



ClioSport Admin
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well you said it yourself Joe. If you can save yourself even a grand to have a car that someones only done a few thousand miles in, I wouldnt care less that someone had owned it before me. Grand saved. Sod the fact its got another owner on the log book if its in mint condition. resale value is barely affected by number of owners, unless its really high.

No Jas, I didnt say that m8 ...;)

I said that a second hand car is worth far less. simple...

your warranty period is from the day it is registered, and, the fact that you may WANT something new, NOT second hand.. (never raced or rallied etc - HA !!!).

A grand off the new figure is grand :), no probs, but its not even close to what I would pay... or many others...

we are not talking (as you appear to be..) old pals act here, we are simply talking supply and demand.

No loyalty to pals etc where money is concerned, no i looked after it etc...

Simple math..

you pay 12 for a new one, or less for a none new one (read - USED !).. your choice..

And, you actually rightly say, that resale value is not affected by number of owners... I agree, but, there is no resale value on new.. cos it hasnt been re-sold, so the price is the price, however, on a second hand car, used, hammered, abused, loved, cared for etc etc (That means sod all), then there IS a resale value.. and... it is TOO HIGH...

The mk2 at 9995 (5000 miles) may well be a sensible comparison, but at 11300 (or vno lol).. it is taking the piss...

you cant have your cake and eat it....


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I cant be bothered to reply in detail slarty, cause youll only spout something else thats your opinion, and only your opinion. For the record, chavyboy is not an old mate, and as with most of the area reps, Ive either never met them, or in chavys case, met him twice, which, maybe in your world, but not mine, is an old mate. I happen simply to have seen his car and know its a good example. Simple. Case closed (or probably not as Im sure youll reply!!! and in detail)


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can I ask a serious question?

are you a member or a freeloader?

Jas m8, depends on YOUR view of contribution or freeloading ??.

your call dood....


or is it only freeloading if the administrator doesnt quite agree ??.

Yep, that must be it....




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the forum is heading towards being members only, due to the increased hosting costs. just wondered why you havent joined up, when other people with just as much to offer have.

****** this was / is edited, as I didnt think it was fair in light of Jass reply. (which unfortuantely cross posted.. *********


to now read, no probs dood.. I might even try to find a chequebook ...:)


Original text below.

or Jas dood, do you want me to conform to a standard ??.

That would be kewl...

or, maybe say,,, oooooooooo, it;s Jas, he runs cliosport... oooooooo...

I actually DO think oooooooo. Jas........ he runs cliosport... good guy !.. etc.. but..........

I will not conform to your opinions..

Have fun...


Retracted, please see above.


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The website and forum wouldnt be here without members contributions, simple as that. And I think your posts are about 40% of the processing/bandwith!!! (and before you state fact, that was a joke)

Sorry Jas m8, I post a reply and it vamooshes.. so I am getting the posts out of order..

ok, ok, I will get me finger out and send ya some dosh..

I really DO appreciate all you do and give us m8.. sincerely !.

Its just that we CAN have differing views, and the reader makes up hi/her own mind...

Have I been wrong !! ???

yes, 6 times...



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haha, no its not about being wrong at all, but you DO seem to have a view on everything, even stuff thats not posted to you. And its more the other way round, where you push your views on others quite strongly. We all have views but we also need to appreciate others. Also be a bit more tactful maybe, dont take things personally?


ClioSport Admin
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Other than that, Im not saying stop posting (just wanted to make that clear).

I dont take it personally.. and I am me...

thats how it comes dood..

no frills.

And, although you PUSHED your view on ME quite strongly.. I do appreciate your point of view, I dont accept it ,cos, its totally wrong, but hey ??> !..

So, I would appreciate it if you were slightly more tactful in your approach to my ethnic minority group.

I think we have the basis for a plan ! lmao !!...

All we need now is a definition of the boudaries...



to adopt to your ethos, I need to consider aspects that you consider, but consider are not considerable, and then apply my own version of YOUR consideration, that, by the nature, needs to be a few points more than mine (as I am conforming to your guidance, which, by its very being must be fully appreciative, hence, over seeing, or beyond, my perception

So, yep, got it in a nutshell dood..

Do as I say..... not...... as I do..

yep.. Straight line dood... all the way !......... FULLY understood..;)


ClioSport Admin
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blimey, you read a lot of things in such a short sentance. Do you write Horoscopes for a living?

If the place at Gatwick to which you refer is Called Jefferies Farm, then I think its fair to say that you are not going to have any problems with them. I got my car from them and had aboulutely no problems, and friends of my sister are getting their 172 from them.

The car was delivered in under 5 weeks and apart from the problem with the headlamp washer jets (which was fixed under warranty) has given no problems. The salesmen are friendly but firm and you are very unlikely to get any more off of the price that they quote in their ads (I think they are currently advertising 172s for £12299), although they did give a reasonable trade-in on my old motor.

The warranty has been spoken about loads here before, and Jefferies Farm actually provided a copy of a letter from Renault UK explaining exactly what you get.

But remember to read the small print cause you will see that they will charge you about £180 extra to register and tax the car, and the first registration is in their name, so you effectively become the second registered keeper.

Hope this helps

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hey rwaterman, i paid cash for my 172 a year ago from "trade sales" in slough, they took just a week to get it for me @ 12grand, they offered me 9.2 apr if i wanted it, i just wanted a brand spanker that no fecker had thrashed or something that would fall off 2 weeks l8r! iv had no probs with it {only thing is u cant test drive it first}


in having seen, and test driven (as a passenger anyway) Ivans 172, i can honstly say as jass also said.. " its mint and an excellent example!! i dont think a car could be as loved as much as his! i think hes only just finished running it in..

whats the point of buying a new one? this is as good as new, and completley standard.. id atleast book a view.. you wont be disappointed!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Not bein funny Joe but I dont understand what youre talkin about half the time. Dont mean that nasty. Just a bit confusin some of the stuff you say.

Quote: Originally posted by Captain Slarty on 25 October 2002

no probs Paul.... lol..;)

Just the way my warped mind works....

glad you are becoming a bit more sane Joe and recognising that you are warped in most things you say

that is true Kathy....

and less of the sane, you wouldnt want to hurt my feelings would ya ?? :confused:

Call me anything you want, but not SANE... I am Soooooooo insulted by your inferral...

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just wish any of us could actually believe it!! have I insulted you enough now?
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Nah theres plenty more of where that came from..

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That should just about do it :p