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three clio sport in stevenage today

  black ph2 172
see three around stevenage today cup blue, yellow together. artic blue was haveing a go with my brotherand his girlfrends vxr astra lol
  black ph2 172
yes i am. me and a 182 rb meeting some of the boys coming from peterboro way.

im new to this so dont no any1 but meeting them at the A1 novotel as they come past. you should meet us there (if your coming) :)

are your car's at the griffin some of the time? i work at the farm near there.

andyb88 it wasnt my clio you see mine's got no insurance till monday.:(
  ly 182
yer thats us up the griffin and yer we r going southend what time r u meeting at the novatel alot of motors r meeting at the halfway house on the a127 at bout half 7.
im new to this aswel lol.
  black ph2 172
about half 6 iv got a number for someone else hu is coming down the A1 he will ring when they are close and we jump on then.

you could do the same at hatfeild tesco's if you dont want to drive here. i can give you my number?