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Timing belt whining/rumbling

  182 Cup & Meg 225 F1 Team
I had the timing belt replaced 6 months ago. There has been a whining coming from belt area ever since, this has got worse. I suspect the belt is too tight?

I replaced the aux belt/tensioned/idler yesterday as the idler had failed and was knocking.

Now that knocking has gone, I can hear another knocking coming from the timing belt area at 3.5k revs (as well as the whining!). I can only assume one of the idlers is failing?

I have no idea if the tensioner/idlers were replaced, i assume they were but the garage didn't replace the aux belt ones despite being instructed to do so when doing the timing belt.

My questions are:

1) Can the timing belt be tensioned too tight?
2) How do you know if the dephaser pulley needs replacing?