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Tips Fitting Milltek On 182

  mk2 Leon Cupra
Ive just brought a milltek system for my 182 just wondering if anyones got any tips on how to fit this and getting the standard one off??
  clio sport 182
yeah well you can either drop the back axle of its damprs so it hangs low and feed the old one out or cut it out,i just cut my old one,and i dont know if all millteks do it but they hang quite ill you mite need to manipulate it a bit befor you are happy with it,apart from the monk you see monk you do,str8 4ward,i did it with no ramps and in a cast lol
you may find it difficult to undo the bolts on the exhaust as they tend to rust very badly. and it will probably be easier to drop the rear beam by undoing the bottom bolts on the rear shock absorbers. when fitting the new one i would use some exhaust sealent to put around where you are joining it to the cat or manifold as sometimes they are not a perfect fit and may blow. to get them in the right position you may need to adjust the hangers that hold the back in.