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To Decat or not to Decat, that is the question.

  Clio 182
Bonjour all.
After messing about with my rear exhaust hangers as the web had split (used some spare samco hose to pack them out, works a treat) ;)
Iv noticed a cat back Scorpion stainless cat back exhaust. It looks the same as the RS192 but cant find a 192 stamp on it.
Anyway. Will the decat make the car horribly loud like it did on my Williams? Anywhere do a silenced decat?
Also I had a gunner chip fitted to the Williams can that be done on the 182?
  172 Cup & Mini C 1.6
It will be a fair bit louder. Ktec do decat pipes. You will need it mapped to remove flat spot

Not sure on size of the scorpion system. My guess would be 2.25 bore
  Clio 182
Iv just fitted the £49 posted off gaybay. Only very slightly louder. Sounds nice actually. Just need to sort out the hesitation now. Looking like the dephaser may be out when the cam belt was changed @44k its now on 67k!