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Toasted by a 325i BMW

Was an old shape J reg maybe. Was at some lights waiting for them to change and as they did he came round the corner and floored it past me, giving a sneaky grin as he did, what was I supposed to do, so ......... tried to catch up but hit the limiter in first, DOH, managed to recover and started to gain slightly, girlfriend going mad as I was racing, onto the dual carriageway, still gaining but very slightly until I had to give up doing about 80 in third due to my girlfriend now ripping my nuts off for trying !! Seemed pretty quick even if he did have a rolling start over me, rather gutted about being toasted though as no one wants to race a valver ever and then I get done ?!! [and he grinned as he let fly !!!!]

If youd had a standing start together then it would have been a different story. The 325 wont really get going until its moving due to inertia, whereas a 16v will pull cleanly from off the mark.

The 325 will have had the advantage from a rolling start, so I wouldnt worry too much. Its very difficult for most cars to recover in a race when another car (especially one with much better torque) gets a rolling start.

I know I know, but to have a little burn with someone seems so rare, in my old XR2I everyone fancied it but in the clio it doesnt happen, then when it does, he had a rolling start, I hit the limit in first and I had my girlfriend sitting next to me, noooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!! Anyway, Im sure a good scrap will come my way soon !

There have been loads of times when Ive seen a good race go to waste because my girlfriend is in the passenger seat.

If I go over 4000rpm, my girlfriend practically burts into tears...which is a bit of a problem when driving a 16v. You can see why having a female as a named driver sometimes brings down the insurance premium.

Excellent mate, I am not alone !!!! my girlfriend doesnt seem to understand either " why do you have to race " etc etc, " your not going to beat every car on the road " !! Maybe not, but if its safe to do so Ill try !!!!!!! Shame I got done, but there will be another time !!!
  Golf GTi DSG

My g/f goes crazy when i do 65 in a 60 or can hear the engine make any noise, but she does laugh when I go fast round corners, shes kinda strange lol!

lol rob.

Girlfriend handbrake sucks. Always happens you casually look across at the lights just to see what is there and the lecture starts before they are on amber...

On the other hand my housemates girlfriend thinks it would be cool if he got a motorbike?!

LOL my wife moans like buggery when I toe it.....but if I let someone overtake in a done up or sporty car, she yells at me...Youre not going to let them get away with that are you ?. You figure ?.

Mr Valver, come to sunny Braintree, the chimps here dont know what a Williams is, let alone a valver. No matter what they have, Nova, Orion, Fiesta, whatever, they still think that they have the edge.....silly boys.


Sorry forgot to add, I kicked a 5 series arse from the lights on the way home from southend on Saturday night.....Dunno what engine size though...They were level on red then green came up and the rest is history.