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Today, I love my Clio.

  VW Potato

so, today I had a few errands to run. Before I started, I checked the oil level, all nice and correct, then nipped down to the petrol station to check/pump the tyres (33psi f, 31psi rear - good combo) then nipped into Egham to brim with OptiMax and some petrol treatment stuff, then onwards...

With the sun shining, no traffic around and me feeling fine, everything came together nicely for a spirited, high octane blast, one of those rare spins where nothing hinders your mood or your progress or indeed the sheer pleasure of driving a well sorted car....despite my reservations about the cars steering, I cant deny that this little car has got the heart and lungs of a bear. :D

Now, Im must find some more errands to run next weekend...;)

drive safe,


Feeling inspired by Scudettos words Im off to buy some optimax and give the car a run. Hand washed it yesterday and waxed the tyres up, looks as good as the day I picked it up!
  CTR EK9 turbo

hmmm today was amazing for driving. I spent all day just driving around and about to go out again! saw loads of motorbikes just driving/cruising around and racing each other. Lots of modders about in supras freshly waxxed and looking great! i love driving!!!!!

I bet you blind it down the Egham Bypass, Everybody does!!! What other roads around do you take the 172 for a blast?
  VW Potato

matt, where are u based again mate? Im around, but I stay very local, at home/work area - dont use the car that much at the weekend as I tend to cycle a lot (hence why i enjoyed this weekends drive)

RT-Ed; yup, Ive had some entertaining blasts down the by pass....;)