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Toe in on rear wheel.. stub axel?

Earlier this year before I went to FCS I went to get the car tracked and the guy put the front tracking gear on the back and told me my rear passenger wheel was showing 3 degrees of toe in


He also mentioned that might be why my steering was slightly out

I've done a load of track days, and a week at the ring and the cars been awesome handling
But all year the steering has been about 10degrees out to the left and my rear passenger tyre has worn out on the inside and not the out

So something isn't quite right there

When I asked about a bent beam I got told "not a chance" - so is it likely to be a bent stub axel?

Is there any way to check the stub axel is straight?

I fitted new rear discs and bearings as I was told it could be that and being a noob I didn't realise you had to keep that bearing between the disc and the hub. On the drivers side it all went back together fine and turned fine. On the passenger side the disc caught on the back of the hub - which again is making me think maybe the stub axel might be bent

I just want to get it sorted really because I've just spent £800 on new wheels and tyres and don't want my rear passenger tyre wearing itself out every 8 months on the inside lol
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i'll have £10 on it beeing the plate that the stub mounts to,

the misses had a little bump in our cup and it was Exactly the same as your describing, the first thing i thought was "must be the stub" however as soon as you remove it, its clear that the "plate" on the beam that it mounts to is not very strong at all (poor design imo)

get yourself a straight beam and it'll be fine
  Clio 182
The stub axles are designed to bend first to avoid the damage to the beam but it is nearly always the beam that goes! You can get a second hand beam for around £100 but renault will want £170 for a sport stub axle :dapprove:

Also 3 degrees of toe in is a fair bit, roughly 23mm difference on the front of a 16" wheel compared to the back side, I bet it must skip around on bumps.
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stub axels are £70ish each if remember correctly from clio spares, i was going to buy one as my rear drivers looked abit out, so going to get my cars geo setup in feb and il get it confirmed then and replace if needed.
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I'd say for it to be that far out it would have to be the stub axle.
I would remove it and take a look, you may be able to see where it's bent. I've seen it before!
The stub axel doesn't seem bent - the disc/bearing slid off fine and the new one went on fine

And the wheel definitely isn't 23mm further in at the front - it looks visually nearly the same as the drivers one

Is there any points I could measure to see what's bent? :(
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Funnily my 1.2's near side wheel was toe'd in more than the drivers.

Stand directly above it tomorrow and take a picture looking down?
  Clio 182
Swap the stub axles and take it for a geo, should be free without an adjust. If it's still the same then it's the beam.