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Tomtom Question

  172 Exclusive #114
Thought I'd put my Tomtom GO 300 in my 172 last night as the Mrs and I have got to go to Bournemouth in a couple of weeks and I wanted to try it in the new car. Well, damm thing doesn't work! It just won't detect a GPS signal - any ideas anyone?

Edit: Yes, it still actually works - popped it in my mates Golf and within 30 seconds, it had a signal.
  Focus ST
Windscreen defects the signal.

There about a hundred threads on it. I think the new TT can work through the screen now.

You need an external antenna. They're about 30 quid from the TT site. Just make sure you get the 5 metre version, so you can put it on the parcel shelf and hide the cable under the interior trim.
  172 Exclusive #114
Thought that might be the case. I've heard some windscreens have a 'dead spot' where there's no heat-reflective coating - true?

Edit: They can! The new units use the SIRF-STAR (sp?) 3 Chipset which isn't affected by funny windscreens and built up areas.
  Focus RS
Had the same problem with my Go500, got me an external aerial, placed on rear parcel shelf and it works a treat.
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
the "dead" spot as you say is usually in the bottom corner of the windscreen so to the right of the steering wheel. 172's haent usually had a problem but with the new 910 series and andf the tomtom one have the upgraded ariel which is "super strong" if u like which should work through anyway