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Too Loud!

:( I've just fitted a full magnex cat back system with a silenced decat tp my 172 cup and i think its way to loud!is there any stainless steel systems which are quiet?i'm thinking of reverting back to a standard system(but mine has been cut in half)

Beside the point ive also fitted some 2118 speedline wheels in white!in 15s and i dont think they look no where near as nice as the standard these are possibly for sale!

Djw John

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So not that a succesful weekend then?! You can get custom stainless exhausts that are tailored to how you want them, looks and sound. Im sure the 15s would sell easily, good lightweight wheel
Can you get a stainless which has no noise atall?so its like standard or is it not worth it?no not a good weekend a very expensive one as well


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you could get a stainless stealth system so its pretty quiet during normal driving and sounds nice when you hit the loud pedal. will also free it up a bit over the standard system.
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If you think it's too loud put the cat back on, or buy a sports cat. The de-cat will be causing the loudness.
The ktec stealth isn't reasonably quiet mate.

Aye the speedlines shouldn't take too much effort to sell i wouldn't think.
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cup_66 said:
i put the decat with silencer on 2 weeks before the system and it didnt make the car any louder whats so ever
A silenced de-cat with a std. system is not going to increase the noise that much, perhaps only at full boot. However, aftermarket exhaust systems will be louder than std. (apart from the stealth systems) and so adding the silenced de-cat onto an aftermarket system will be loud. :)

If you don't like the noise perhaps consider the following :-

1. Keep the Magnex system + buy a sports cat.
2. Keep the Magnex system + use the original cat.
3. Buy a Stealth system + use the de-cat.

But Magnex make good systems so I would be leaning towards option 1 if it was me personally.