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Top 5 driver loves!

Enough moaning about annoyances! Top 5 things I love about driving:

1. Getting an open stretch of road - nice and smooth with some sweeping curves and opening it up - listen to her sing at 4500rpm!
2. Sunny days!
3. Listening to the rain on the roof in a heavy down-pour
4. Freedom!
5. Secluded spots...


  Shiny red R32

Perhaps the secluded spots are for when he has a passenger Jilly! Possibly her who sings!

Come on ladies - dont play the innocent! We all know what secluded spots are for... practicing karaoke where no one can hear you!!
  BMW 320d Sport

1. Fast B-road driving up and down hills, round sweeping curves, no traffic around, blipping the throttle on the downchanges into each bend.

2. Burning up BMW drivers.

3. Old men stopping while Im working on the car and saying nice wheels son!

4. Lining up for the traffic lights grand prix / staging for the 1/4 mile.

5. Driving to work knowing youve still got another 10 minutes to go before you get there.

Pulling away from people driving up your ass and leaving them for dust!

corners that are perfectly cambered

cruising with ya mates

seeing another 16v and getting a wave!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

1- The freedom of being able to go anywhere.
2- Listening to the rain hit the roof.
3- Enjoying a country B Road at 80.
4- Knowing the car will respond as soon as I hit the pedal.
5- Driving home from work.

1. Makes work all that more bearable when I drive my 172 and realise that I would not be able to afford it without my job.

2. Listening to your favourite CD and going for a good varied long drive.

3. Going on drives with no destination just because you CAN !

4. The drive over the heads of the valleys in Wales, great roads, amazing when you have sunshine.

5. I love fast cars, it has taken me a while but now I have a car that meets all my needs, makes me smile whenever I drive it.

I think I am going to cry......

Open country roads on early summer mornings at about 60mph and it feels like 100+

Driving in the evening with the sun behind you on the way out with the windows down and a chillout tune on

That cruise through town past the clubs when ur car is all nice and shiney and everyone stairs at the car (not at some crappy 1000db sound system).

Lining up alongside Beemmers/Mercs at lights (Hell even Novas r fun) And leaving them behind. Oh the joy in my eyes

Driving home after dropping my GF home, having the radio to myself


1) The feeling when birmingham city got promoted to the premiership via the playoff final after 3 years of failing at the first hurdle!
2) driving around the lanes with a cd on and the sun out
3) that friday feeling when you leave work and know the weekend is ahead of you and its time to go to the pub
4) looking at the car after its just been washed and waxed
5) being at a concert when the band play your favourite song ( Five-0 by James )
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

1. The satisfaction of spending hours cleaning and polishing your car and then standing back from it to admire your work.
2. Newly resurfaced roads (makes you realise how bad all the others are!)
3. Cruising round on a Saturday afternoon with a couple of mates when the sun is out.
4. Getting alloys fitted to your car!!!!
5. Good looking women in convertibles with the top down (its the smiple things that make life worth living!!!!!!)

1. getting the driving position just right and feeling the car talk to you..

2. the look on the face of the 911 driver on the m1 the other day

3. spotting a speed camera before it spots you !

4. Continental tyres and their language (but not with the turbo )

5. open country roads at 6 am.. (try it !)

1. leaving stuck up bm drivers behind at the lights
2. leaving stuck up merc drivers behind at the lights
3. cruisin lookin at girlies
4. sunny days
5. havin the bloody thing on the road for more than a few weeks at a time!!!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

(courtesy boat)

1)The whine of the 1.2 16v power house as it hits the rev limiter for 5 minutes

2)The smell of the clutch when you accidently on purpose forget to take your foot of the accelerator through up-changes

3)The way the car leans around fast B-roads and squeels around 20 mph corners.

4)The lack of acceleration and the anticipation of feeling that sensation when/if I get my car back (hopefully) next week.

5)The shrinking of bigger (boaty) cars trying to keep up around twisty B-roads.