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Top mounts knock after fitting coilovers.

  Clio R27
Hi guys.

Since fitting coilovers on my R27 I've been getting a knock from both top mounts when driving over bumps or when the wheel suddenly drops (pothole, pavement etc). At first it wouldn't bother me however now (and after nearly two years lol) I've had enough and I wish to rectify this issue.

Now, the top mounts are camber adjustable solid ones which were previously used with the cup (OEM) suspension with no knocking whatsoever. The knocking appeared the next second I fitted my ASTs and obviously nothing is loose, the top nut is fully tighten up and the car feels and handles brilliantly.

I've read somewhere that people - after fitting coilovers - fit a washer in between the strut and the top mount and it cures it. Where exactly does this washer go? What is the sequence? Am I correct to think it is strut, washer, mount, nut?

This is my setup


I also used a spacer each side AST sent to me (for different purposes not for trying to rectify the knocking issue) but it didn't seem to have any effect on the knocking. On this case would a washer go after the spacer?



Any help appreciated. Thanks

  Range Rover Sport
Are you certain it's the topmount?

I was told that a 'knock' I get at times is the actual spring itself.