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Torrent Applications

Which do you use?

I have been using BitComet for ages but decided on a change and just started to use uTorrent.

Previously used azereus. :evil:
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Azureus has improved alot..
and i think it is the best and strongest program out there.


ClioSport Club Member
utorrent has already been the best for me. Uses like 2% CPU usage as well. Cant beat it :)
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KyleB said:
i use azureus, is uTorrent much better, why?
Azureus uses Java as the backbone to the application and uses lots of system resources. uTorrent has the same functions that you need (I've not found anything that I used to use in Azureus that is missing from uTorrent) and is a very minimal when it comes to system resources.
Get Newsbin Pro and start playing with the big boys in the usenet playground. File sharing sucks ;)

But Azureus is a pretty good client if you insist on using torrents :)
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Roy...say my friend is interested in acquiring copyrighted material, would he find such material on Newsgroups?

He tends to break many laws, such as downloading games, applications and adult materials.

Ive told him but he wont listen.


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Jaybee_RT said:
I used azureus but its too resource hogging so im in the process of changing now
not sure why people keep saying this, when i am running usenext, digiguide, FF with 20 active tabs and azeurus downloading my laptop is only using 7% cpu and i'm nowhere near using my 1gb ram, azureus is only using 35mb of it?
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i have downloaded a game and now i just have loadss of strange files in a folder on the desktop!?!
how do i play it?
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Rar files are compressed archives. If you open the first rar file (normally lots of them in a large download) using Winrar it will automatically extract all of the other RAR files and then ask you where you want to extract the data to.

This can be in the form of .iso's, .bin's, directories, yet more archived files etc.. If you're not up to speed with .iso's and .bin's and hwo to use them then we could be here all day so I'd spend 15 min's on Google and you might get somewhere.
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Christ cant believe how difficult it is i only wanna play the game!
will have to sack it but thanks anyway.
I have to argee with .griff. the whole .iso .rar .p001 Files isnt some thing you will find easy to learn about, It normaly takes some one that knows about pc's and understands bit more about computers. But saying that Google can always help.
Like if you type in google "How to open .Iso" Files "How to open .rar files" it will normaly tell you in the 1st search
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utorrent is by far the best client i've used, don't use anywhere near as much resourses as azureus
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Saner said:
utorrent is by far the best client i've used, don't use anywhere near as much resourses as azureus

I always used Azereus until I came across uTorrent and I'd never go back now.
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Rob_887 said:
Lil info on 'uTorrent' please. Can you stop uploading / Limit it to only 1kb?
Yes if you must by right clicking the torrent and limiting that torrent or you can limit all of them at once.
Clellandmc said:
Isn't the idea of torrents to upload as well though???

Indeed, 1kb is better then nothing ;)

Roy Munson said:
LOL @ all the IT geeks talking up bit torrent. Noobs. Anyone with any credibility uses the usenet ;)
Any one with any credibilty has there own private FTP ;) with a 100mbit connect.

;) haha We are such geeks, when i say We i mean You :)


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i use bittorrent and it OWNS. boom, headshot!

stick that in your pipe roy and smoke it! ;)

(obviously you will own me with uber it geek talk, but f**k it.)