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Torsion Bar Lowering Bristol

Hey !! changed the name form ineeda16v to ivegota16v!


i need my rear torsion bar taking down a couple of notches, south west tyres in bristol say they can do it for £100 notes, anyone recommend anywhere else in bristol. im more worried about quality of the job rather than price!!!


aint SWtyres a bit far out of town!

the Hi-Q near the cinemaplex does loads and loads of suspension for some reason...they will do it for about 80.....not a bad lot either.

ahh im a weston super mare cruiser you see!!! got loads of mates down there so i get all my sh*te for sw tyres!!!

i take it you mean the new place near cineworld hengrove??

Renatec (just off the Bath Road in Brislington) will do a quality job.

Try them on 0117 977 7789.

I saw a black Phase 1 today at Brentree rounabout - I was the black Phase 2 that flashed it.

Anyone here?

nah, its a bit old........

um, cant remember the name, but its like cineplex.......with a sainsbury nearby, um perfect pizza, boots, TGI fridays........

cant remember the rd....soz


Ineed whats it like then? i saw a disgustingly low one at hengrove cinerma last night, on a M or a N with the centers missing, what is yours? and what is your bridge time? i asked in a differnt post with no reply?


showcase, thats it!!!!

whats what like, the place? pretty good, drop it off, come back in an hr and done......pretty cool seeing your car again...totally diffo!

my cars in west sussex at teh mo with no door and i will sort that soon.

but its Red and on an L plate.

which bridge? where?


Ben that was aimed at I need/got a 16v, he does this bridge speed test on the way to saltford, and hes just got a 16v im bound to see it about just wondered what it was exactly

i know your RT has been lying dormat ever since you reversed it into a wall !

all that kart and car racing didnt teach you much!! ;)

ah ha!!! sorry lofty just got in!!

Bridge test reads 122mph, but that wasnt bouncing it of the limter so i reckon there is more to come!!

My baby is willy blue, N reg, pretty low and with standard phase 2 rims, induction kit and mint!!