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Touch-Up Paint

Just had a look at my car and there are a few nasty stone chips on the bonnet and a score on the boot spoiler.

Whats the best touch up paint you have come across?

Ive heard the Halfords stuff is pretty good?

Any tips on applying it, think i might get a finer brush like model builders use, the ones that ive seen with touchup paint always look a bit ham fisted.
  clio 20v

the halfords stuff is good u get a really fine brush or u can just pull the cap off and there is a nib in the top to squeeze paint out of if u know what i mean

Girl racer, just to make sure i have the right jist of wot u mean.

I use the cocktail sticks like u would an old fashioned quill for ink or do i snap em in half and use the fibrous surface like a stiff brush?


  Shiny red R32

Just use the tip which will allow you to apply a tiny amount of paint at a time, unlike the brush which covers a larger area and looks blobby.