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Tow bar on a Clio 182?

Is it possible. I have looked but can't find anywhere that one could be attached ?
Has this been done before?
Not possible mate.

They are not allowed to tow anything even if you managed to get a tow bar fitted


Sure there was a French guy who posted up some pics of his ph-1 and that had a HORRIFIC tow bar on it...

Short Legs

ClioSport Club Member
  a better one
sometimes certain models of a car are not tested for towing, Therefore you can't legally tow with them

believe it or not the ST 220 Mondeo isn't tested to tow either.....
Ok at if you wanted to know it was for towing 2 motocross bike..
Looks like the Clio is going :-(


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The 1*2s are not rated for towing, but there is a trophy with a towbar on, but it's illegal I think.

All the other clios are fine.

Matt W

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Bit strange that the 1.2's can tow, but not the more powerful version.

There was an elise on PH that had a towbar lol!